Wednesday, June 25, 2014

4th of July Advice to Keep Pets Comfortable and Safe

Fireworks and Travel Precautions to Prevent Pet Anxiety

SAN DIEGO - To ensure the 4th of July holiday is a positive experience for everyone, Petco shares some simple ways to keep pets' safe, drastically reduce their stress and lower their risk of running away.
To help pets comfortably weather fireworks, considering the following:
  • Create a quiet place so pets have a restful room or area to retreat to. Firecrackers, loud party voices and booming music can make pets anxious.
  • Proactively attend Petco's free Anxiety & Calming Seminar, which takes place at stores nationwide June 28-29, 2014 at 2 p.m. Pet parents will learn how to recognize their dog's stress signals, learn techniques to help settle pets down and understand the importance of mental and physical exercise as ways to keep dogs calm.
  • Be sure all pets, including indoor cats, wear current ID tags. Clear identification can be a pet's ticket back home.
  • Avoid taking pets to see fireworks. Secure all potential escape routes and leave them in a quiet, sheltered area. A television or radio left playing at a normal volume can be reassuring.
  • If it is necessary to be outside with dogs during fireworks, make sure each dog is secure on a leash and harness. Frightened dogs commonly manage to slip out of their collars, and harnesses allow pet parents to stay in full control.
  • Don't leave dogs outside unattended. Even tethered pups will struggle to get away if startled by noise. Dogs who aren't tethered may try to dig out of an enclosed yard.
  • Comfort pets with their favorite toy or blanket. Also, Thundershirts will dramatically help reduce the fear dogs and cats may experience. Hire a pet-sitter for the day or evening or ask a friend who knows the pet well to pay a visit.
If bringing pets along for a July 4th road trip, consider the following precautions:
  • Always think safety first. Traveling with an unrestrained pet is not only dangerous for the pet and driver, but for every car on the road. Keep the pet comfortably restrained with an auto safety harness or in a traveling crate at all times. Be sure to secure the crate inside the vehicle to prevent it from tipping over. 
  • Don't allow dogs to stick their head out of open windows while driving.
  • Give smaller dogs a boost up to enjoy a clear view of the journey with the Petco Booster Seat.
  • Keep small animals safe by securing them in the vehicle in a proper carrier. The Caitec Perch N Go Bird Carrier and the Petco Pet Keeper for Small Animals both allow their passengers to be transported safely and comfortably while in the car and also acts as a safe habitat for them while they are out and about with their pet parent. 

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