Friday, October 17, 2014

The First Ever Halloween Candy Popularity-to-Cost Index

Is Halloween a trick or a treat to your wallet? Both, say the experts at, the leading destination for coupons, deals and expert shopping tips. In addition to costume expenses, you also have to shell out for candy, which, according to the National Retail Federation, will cost Americans $2.2 billion this year. aims to make the decision making process at your local grocery store a little bit easier and a little bit cheaper thisHalloween. In the first ever Halloween Candy Popularity-to-Cost Index, uses science, data, and yummy pictures to reveal the best and worst Halloween candies based on popularity and price. conducted the survey* by asking people to choose their top three favorite candies in the categories of chocolate and non-chocolate. The team then conducted research on the cost of the candies. They identified the most popular at the best prices, and the least popular at the worst prices, and plotted them on the Halloween Candy Popularity-to-Cost Index. The outcome is a comprehensive guide to the best Halloween candies at the best prices.
The Top 10 Popularity-to-Cost candies are:
  1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Starburst
  3. KitKat
  4. Skittles 
  5. Snickers 
  6. Twix
  7. Gummy Bears/ Worms
  8. Candy Corn
  9. Sour Patch Kids
  10. Butterfinger
The poll also revealed these key findings:
  • Candy corn is very popular and very cheap, so it's an economical crowdpleaser.
  • Pop Rocks, the costliest candy per ounce on our list, are as unpopular as they are expensive, so don't give these out unless you want to spend a ton of money on candy that no one likes.
  • No one wants those foil-wrapped chocolate balls shaped like jack-o-lanterns. Also, no one knows what those are actually called.

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